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Our services include Asphalt Sealcoating, Asphalt Crack Repair, Large Asphalt Crack/Void Repair, Asphalt Patching, Line Striping, Pressure Washing (Asphalt and Concrete), Concrete Sealing, and Concrete Expansion Joint Repair.

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ProTec uses a Polymer Modified sealer (PM).  We further enhance the durability and skid resistance properties by blending in select additives.  Our sealer is one of the finest available and meets or exceeds the ASTM D8099/D8099M-17 standard specifications for asphalt emulsion pavement sealer.

Correct preparation of the asphalt crack is the key for a long term repair. We use a Crack Jet II Heat Lance machine to clean the cracks and then apply our premium hot pour crack sealant.

At ProTec, we utilize Hot-Applied Mastic Sealant.  It is a versatile, pourable, self adhesive ridged asphalt binder containing select aggregate to ensure good load bearing and skid resistant characteristics.  Mastic’s ability to bond with the pavement yet remain flexible enough to accommodate thermal movements, makes it a superior patching material.  Repairs using Hot Applied Mastic will often outlast the surrounding pavement and provide a long term, cost effective solution.

The neat and clean way to keep your parking lot or asphalt space orderly, line striping makes sure everyone parks the same way and that they keep out of unwanted areas.

Having your concrete cleaned and sealed every 24-30 months is the best way to protect your investment and add value to your property. The sealcoat provides a barrier against road salt, moisture, chemicals, and UV rays. It also protects from water seeping into the concrete and creating cracks.

Concrete expansion joints allow the concrete to expand and contact enough so that the slabs have room to shift.